Saturday, March 26, 2011


The definition of inspiration according to Ralph Waldo Emerson- "When you gather from far every ray of various genius to your hospitable halls, and ,byt the concentrated fires, set the heart of you youth on flame." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The story and purpose of this blog:
I recently went with my mom to visit my aunt and while I was there they were attending a Quilter's meeting. The meeting is for a group they are involved in where they share new techniques and share what they have completed since the last meeting. I thought this meeting would be very boring considering I have not sewn in years and I thought quilting was something older women did. I went into the quilting meeting with an open mind. I thought to myself, it's only 2 hours out of an amazing weekend with my mom and my aunt. 
As I sat there for the first 30 minutes they discussed future meeting and scheduling issues for those meetings. I kept thinking, when is snack time so I can eat that amazing yummy cake my aunt made. After this discussion they had "show and tell" where they showed all the pieces they worked on since they last meeting. At this point I became more interested in this skill. After "show and tell" we ate the SUPER yummy cake my aunt made... which I'll have to get the recipe for, it was delicious! At this point we all had full bellies and continued with the meeting. The technique that was shared for this meeting was hand quilting. I feel in love with this! It was so fun! I kept say how great it is to see what life hands you when you are opened to anything! 
Once the weekend ended I came home and finished my hand quilted piece so I could get started on my new project (coasters!). I went to the library to drop off a Thai and Chinese cook book and decided to "unintentionally" look at the sewing and creative books. I came across a book "Quilted and Patchwork Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. I checked it out, went home, and found something I wanted to try 'quilted coasters'. That night I went to the fabric store and bought a few fun patterned fabrics to make some coasters for one of my best friends. I went home on a saturday night and started working on them. The next morning I woke up and completed the coasters! I was so excited! I then took another idea from this book to wrap the coasters. I took two pieces of tissue paper and sewed them shut, with the coasters in the center. 

I'm doing this blog because one of my best friends, the one I made the coasters for (Vanessa, aka Nessa Wessa), told me to start a blog on what I quilt. I also enjoy cooking so you may see some recipes in this blog as well! I hope to learn how to post pictures and I promise not all the blogs will be this long and slightly boring. I wanted to explain how this all started and why I started a blog. 

* I titled this post 'inspiration' because I feel incredibly inspired by life in general right now. I just moved back to a wonderful city and God has placed so many great opportunities in my present and future! 

This is a little look at my process for my 1st project! 

 Pinned up!

 Sewn edges!

 And done! The quilting is done in a square pattern all the way to the center with a continuous stitching.
 The finally part. The wrapping with the tissue paper sewn shut.