Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Birthday Present!

My friend just recently had a birthday so I wanted to make her something! I had fabric leftover from a quilt that I am working on so I decided to make a purse for her that my aunt had shown me. My aunt sewed in the zippers (which were part of a huge donation that my mom's blanket ministry had) and I did the quilted part of the purses. I made one for the birthday girls sister too, who also happened to be my amazing roommate throughout college!! ( :( I miss those days!!!) Below are the pictures of the purses! 

There is a wristlet band so it can be worn on your wrist instead of on your shoulder. Its just for a few items when you're going somewhere quickly. This quilted design was a wavy design, which you can't see that well in the picture I took. 

This purse had a straight pattern on it. I think it is easier to see the pattern on this one in the picture than the other one.

I didn't realize until I was uploading the pictures that the camera strap is also featured in this picture... please ignore it! 

This picture is just to show the different shapes! I very much enjoyed this project and I thank my aunt so much for helping me!!!! 

John 4: 13-15

Thursday, May 19, 2011

'Just Cause' Gifts

So it's been a while, but I've been searching hard for a job (unsuccessfully)!! I went to visit one of the most amazing friends I have recently and I decided to make her a gift just for being a great person! I didn't realize that making a tote bag was as difficult as it was but I attempted it and I believe I was pretty successful! Below are all the pictures of my process. I also made a "feel better" pillow for her cute amazing little dog who just had surgery and got 9 of her little bitty teeth pulled :(.

I dont have a picture of the completed tote bag but below you can see the almost finished product. I had to make a piece of binding for the middle of the bag where the unfinished edge was suppose to be on the inside, I may have measured wrong. I made the mistake a pocket and sewed a button on to fix it.

Below are the pictures of the "feel better" pillow that I made for my friends dog.

This is not the best picture of the finished pillow because the stuffing got on the outside and I didn't have a lint roller with me. I completed it while my friend was a church. I hand stitched the letters and hand sewed the opening that i used to stuff the pillow. Next time I would sew the letters on the machine and then put the pillow together but overall I was pretty happy with the end result!!

John 4:13-15