Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Purse

I just made purses for two of my friends last week so this week I decided to make a purse for me! My aunt had some beautiful fabric that I LOVED and she didn't have any plans for it (she won it at her quilter's group). We found a perfect zipper (in the pile of old zippers we had) to go with it! Below are the pictures of my new purse!

I took this picture to show the lining because I had to use pieces of a gold fabric. The gold was the best color for the lining so I sewed squares of them together because they were already cut into squares.

 I took this picture just to show the quilting on the machine. I put batting between the lining and the exterior fabric.

This is the final piece! I love it! The colors on the fabric look dark in certain lighting but the fabric is so pretty, it has a shiny gold outline around each part of the design!

This just a picture to show the lining incase anyone was curious! The zipper is really neat too because it has a large circle on the pull which I like because it's easy to open and close.

John 4: 13- 15

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